East Asheville Family Vet, formally Redwood Family Vet, is open!
We are now located at 739 Tunnel Road.

Health services for dogs and cats.

Veterinary services offered at our East Asheville Family Vet

We’re an urgent care & full-service animal hospital in Asheville.

A dog lying on a brick surface

Pet Wellness Care

Pet wellness care is essential to keeping your pet healthy and happy. At East Asheville Family Vet, we offer comprehensive pet wellness care services to keep your pet on the path to good health.

A dog sitting on grass

Pet Routine Bloodwork

Routine bloodwork is critical to identifying early changes in your pet’s health. 1 in 7 young adult dogs and cats, 1 in 5 seniors, and 2 in 5 geriatrics have significant findings on routine blood screenings that require follow-up and/or treatment.

A cat walking on a tile surface

Cat-Friendly Handling

Our veterinary team practices cat-friendly handling techniques to ensure your cat is comfortable during their visit. These techniques include seeing cats in dedicated “cat” rooms and using equipment for cats that haven’t been used on dogs.

A dog with its tongue out

Pet Dentistry

Prophylactic dental cleanings are recommended annually for most pets. By three years of age, most dogs and cats have a significant level of periodontal disease.

A dog standing on a rug

Pet Spay & Neuter

Spaying and neutering your pets at the appropriate life stage is essential for population control, preventing undesirable behavior issues and several medical conditions, including cancer.

A cat lying on a cat tree

Pet Surgery

Your pet’s safety during surgical procedures is our top priority. Our highly skilled veterinarians have years of experience caring for pets, and they will work hard to ensure that your pet receives the best possible care.

A cat drinking from a bowl

Pet Nutrition Consultations

Our veterinary team is skilled and trained in determining the particular nutritional requirements of each patient. We can evaluate your pet and select the best meal for them. 

A dog lying on a couch

Pet Palliative & Hospice Care

At East Asheville Family Vet, we offer pet palliative and hospice care for our patients in Asheville, NC. Palliative care is a type of medical care that focuses on providing relief from symptoms, pain, and stress without curing the underlying condition.

A dog standing next to a person

Pet Allergy & Dermatology

One of the most common skin issues cats and dogs can face is allergies. Pets have allergies, just like people, and their environment can worsen them.

A dog lying on a couch with its mouth open

Pet Urgent

We accept urgent care appointments. If your pet needs immediate attention, the team at East Asheville Family Vet is here to help.